Why should you do full body checkup?

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Health checkup packages can assist you to detect serious illnesses. Helps in early diagnosis and treatment, can promote a healthy lifestyle and fitness, and control bad habits such as alcoholism, and drug and tobacco addiction.

Getting a full body checkup from Mediyaar is the best way to keep track of
your overall well-being. Getting blood testing regularly can assist you to visualize
the changes your body undergoes as you age and empower you to make informed decisions
about your health. A blood test can be used to: assess your all-around state of
health. It can help you early identification of an illness. A regular full-body
checkup is done at least once a year. So, Book Now and get the best offers Deals
with us.


A complete body checkup act as an early warning signal indicating the initial symptoms of issues and health complications in a piece of elaborative information. This in turn allows you to take preventive measures to confirm these warning signs are nipped in the bud before you obtain attacked by sickness. A Complete body checkup gives you an estimate of the main functions and organs of the body.


Tests included in Full Body Checkup

Thyrocare Full Body checkup includes 100+ parameters:-

  • DIABETES (5 Tests)
  • ELECTROLYTES (2 Tests)
  • ELEMENTS (2 Tests)
  • HORMONE (1 Test)
  • LIPID (8 Tests)
  • LIVER (12 Tests)
  • PANCREATIC (2 Tests)
  • RENAL (6 Tests)
  • THYROID (3 Tests)
  • TOXIC ELEMENTS (22 Tests)
  • VITAMINS (3 Tests)


To stay a healthy lifestyle, delighted, and at the same time easygoing life, you must go for a health check-up regularly. Remember, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".