China WPC Flooring Overview China Easy Maintain Locking System Vinyl Flooring manufacturers adheres to the service concept of focusing on customers and working together for a win-win situation; the principle of quality first, honesty and trustworthiness. With high-quality products and first-class service, we warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate and create a brilliant future! Advantages The product from China Easy Maintain Locking System Vinyl Flooring manufacturers has many advantages: waterproof non-slip The price is reasonable Easy to clean Daily maintenance methods A. stone plastic floor maintenance 1. When there are stains on the ground, remove the dirt on the ground in time. 2. If the floor is used in a large flow of people, the floor wear is larger, then the maintenance cycle should be shortened, and the number of waxing of high-strength surface wax should be adjusted appropriately. 3. Cannot use hard, coarse clean appliance (steel wire ball, 100 clean cloth), forbid acuteness object to collide floor strictly. 4. Place MATS at the entrance of places with large flow of people to prevent scratches on the floor caused by gravel. 5. According to the method recommended by the manufacturer, use appropriate detergent to clean regularly. 6. Avoid contact with the ground with high concentration of solvent (toluene, banana water), strong acid and alkali solution. B. stone plastic floor at different stages of the maintenance method 1. After floor laying is finished and the cleanness before use is maintained Clean the dust and debris on the floor first. Remove protective wax, grease and other dirt from the floor surface with detergent, and wipe dry. Rinse and dry with water. depending on the situation on 1-2 layer wall wax. 2. Completely refurbished processing Dust off. Clean with detergent. Rinse with clean water and blot until no residual detergent is left on the ground. 4 depending on the situation on 1-2 layer wall wax. Treatment of special dirt Clean 1. Local oil stains: the water-based oil remover is directly poured on the towel to wipe; Large area oil stains: dilute The Water based oil remover by 1:10, and clean it at low speed with a floor cleaner and red grinding plate. 2. Black offset printing: with spray cleaning maintenance wax with high speed polishing machine and white polishing pad polishing processing. For a long black offset printing, the strong black offset printing remover can be directly poured on the towel to wipe the treatment. 3. Glue or chewing gum: Use professional strong glue remover directly on the towel wipe sassafras. In general, stone plastic floor is very easy to maintain, but also very durable, whether commercial or household, is the first choice. China WPC Flooring website: