The sexual services of escorts

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For the most daring, it may be an option to let the escort do it: first a black kiss well salivated and deep and then a pegging to the bottom of her being

Sometimes the euphemisms are so disguised that they manage to mislead the client and he feels lost at when it comes to expressing your desires or understanding what is really being offered to you; hence the idea of ​​describing in a post the sexual services that luxury escorts are capable of doing better than anyone else. There is a lot of variety, all practices are aimed at giving the client the greatest pleasure, although it is not only he who enjoys the relationship with the escort.

In the world of sex for money in sydney, ​​the variety of practices offered by a luxury escort, mature escort, very young escort or independent escort, is wide and covers more than enough the taste of the client, although it is true that this, in the case of being habitual, is much more demanding and demands a greater quantity of escort services, less routine and out of the ordinary. In this post we are going to reveal the most required by them to the best escorts in sydney with whom Escort Agency gets in contact.

Let's start with the mouth

The mouth is one of the greatest creations of Mother Nature and although it was not created to eat pussies or cocks, the truth is that it is intended for such uses, it seems to work very well. The escort's mouth is one of the things most required by men, who are willing to put it in their mouths. However, for those fed up with the same thing, there are other ways to ask for fellatio, which in the end come to the same thing, but human fantasy needs these things.

natural french It has the particularity of being done without a condom. The client inserts his penis into the escort's mouth and she stimulates him with her lips and tongue. It is one of the most requested practices, surely just reading it has made more than one hard.

There is another term, curious, because it sounds like anything else except what it is, irrumación, a practice in which the man moves and the escort only opens her mouth. In '69, everything seems a bit more “romantic” and the couple lie down in such a way that they can suck each other's sexual organs at the same time.

The French tie is a very funny name that refers to one of the most pleasurable practices for men in which the escort eats the cock but holds it with her tits. What a beautiful vision! What makes your mouth water?

The complete French is that activity in which the escort sucks the cock until the man cums. After the tie this seems more boring, doesn't it? matter of taste

And passing from French nationality, there is another variety of fellatio called deep throat , a term that has its origin in the first porn movie released on the big screen back in the seventies in the sydney, in which the protagonist inserted a penis to the narrowness of the throat; because that's what this gift of nature is all about. By reaching the narrow part with the penis, the man receives much more pleasure.

We leave for the last white kiss , the one in which the escort and the man enjoy very much passing the semen from one mouth to another. In addition to ejaculating in the escort's mouth, the man has the opportunity to taste his own semen fresh from his depths.

The possibilities of the year

The year that raises passions is that of the escort. Being a conduit that Nature did not intend to fuck, it is much narrower than the vagina, with which the man receives greater pleasure when inserting his penis through it.

It is called anal or Greek sex and it also has its varieties. For example, pegging, which designates the escort with a cock-belt or prosthesis that she inserts through the anus of another escort or of the man willing to investigate the possibilities that his ass offers him.

To add romanticism, in the world of the anus, we also find a kiss, the well-known black kiss, in which the escort stimulates the man's anus with her tongue and can even insert it.

For the most daring, it may be an option to let the escort do it, first a deep and salivating black kiss and then a pegging to the bottom of her being.

Three is not a crowd

Exactly, three is not a crowd, even sometimes they are few. The clients of Sydney Brothel very often demand the presence of more than one girl in the luxury room. Probably her imagination is running wild right now and she draws four boobs, two pussies, two meaty mouths… it can come true!

Within this fantastic meeting, there are nuances. There is the duplex, practice in which the client is the center of attention of the escorts and they do not touch each other. Magnificent, right? All the pleasure for just one, the client: his cock is the center of the universe and his semen is the milky way that escorts dream of.

In couples care, the client brings his wife, girlfriend, friend, whatever, and the three of them fuck in harmony. The escort is responsible for giving maximum pleasure to both. It is a highly demanded escort service for those couples who want to go further and enjoy the professional escort services of a luxury escort together.


Area Erotic massages They are part of the list of escort services of some specialized escorts from Escort agency. It is about massaging the body and the genitals and other erogenous zones of the client, although it does not have to end in sex.