Surprisingly some of the Galaxy Opals featuring current players

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Surprisingly, some of the Galaxy Opals Nba 2k22 Mt featuring current players such as Curry and James are rated 97-overall, while legends like Olajuwon, Drexler, and Schayes are all rated as 99-overall. Participants can also play in the NBA 2K22 Limited Time Event that is part of the ongoing celebration of the 75th anniversary.

In exchange for every win in the MyTeam gaming mode will receive an NBA Decades series pack, which contains at least one historical jersey or floor, plus the chance of acquiring an anniversary-themed player who is 75 years old. Also, players who successfully complete The Glitched Jason Williams Agenda Group will earn 6,500 EXP and the Hall Of Fame Badge Pack.

Like any major content release that comes out, NBA 2K22 also has a new locker code available to players who wish to redeem it and collect certain items. By using the code GLITCHED-CARDS-IN-MyTEAM-SC55K, players receive a choice between Glitched Jason Williams, a Glitched series pack, 25 tokens, a Diamond Contract, and a Diamond Shoe Pack, or a Hall Of Fame badge.

Players need to make a decision quickly about nba 2k22 mt coins this offer, as the locker code expires on the same day on April 29. In addition to the Level-Up Daily Agenda releasing more units for another ten days, there's plenty of action to get into with NBA 2K22.