Why are the mixing bowl with lids so popular?

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Why are the mixing bowl with lids so popular?


Why are the mixing bowls with lids so popular?

Let's start by listening to some consumer voices

"These are the best ever! I just don't use them just for mixing, I also use them for storing pasta salads in the frig. "Mary said, A Housewife of three children

"Got these as a gift for my mom on Mother's Day last year and when she uses them, she calls me and tells me how much she loves this mix bowls! They don't slip on the counter which makes it a lot easier for cook or baking and not having the bowl move on you. "From An office worker.

When we were designing a series of kitchen appliances, we use a unique method called apply Scenario design plan. First of all, we chose stainless steel because it is more textured. When we put the product on the table, we found that it is too tough for our kitchen. So, we thought about the silicone. A mixing bowl with silicone bottom really keeps the bowl in place, whether on our stone countertop, on a wooden cutting board or in your stainless-steel sink during washing. It even holds nicely when tipped for whisking or stirring. In this way, we can more conveniently use whipping cream, mixing salad, serving pumpkin puree etc. However, our product is not perfect yet. Maybe we can add some new applications to our product to enrich its functions but not lost its elegance. We chose a lid on it, so we can store food in the frig. Getting a seal on the lids seemed a bit tricky at first, but worked great of once you just pressed on the middle of the lid rather than trying to press the edges for a seal! We also design 7 bowls sizes to face the different place to use. Using different colors of lips can make our products look nicer, and it is also convenient for us to distinguish different bowls by color. In this way, we finally finished our work, 7 size Colorful mixing bowls with Lips. Like a piece of art with unique temperament placed in the kitchen, it makes our kitchen looks more artistic, and makes our kitchen not only a work place for cooking food but also a place for leisure. That is the product we want.

In order to pursue the ultimate detail, we have been working hard.




Stainless steel bowls, because the production material is stainless steel and named.  The increase in quantity of mix bowl of kitchen stainless steel is one big trend that contemporary kitchen decorates. It is different at iron goods and aluminous goods. As a relatively environmentally friendly kitchen material, it is becoming more and more popular in young families.

Advantages of stainless-steel mixing bowls

1, metal bowls evenly heated, not easy to smoke.

2, stainless steel products are not easy to oxidation, corrosion resistance.  Traditional aluminum cookware is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion, enamel is also vulnerable to corrosion, and iron is more susceptible to rust, which is far more durable than stainless steel bowls.

3, metal mixing bowls are not afraid of collision.  Enamel kitchenware is beautiful and good-looking, although quality of a material is tough, it is very brittle after all, and there is the risk of breaking once it is collided.  Aluminum products have low strength and are easily out of shape for fear of scratching

4, stainless steel bowl smoothness is good hard texture, easy to take care of a wipe that is clean, is conducive to keep the clean kitchen utensils and appliances.  Aluminum products, by contrast, tend to adhere to food residues and produce bacteria, and blackening after oxidation will also affect the appearance.

  1. As containers in direct contact with food, aluminum products are not environmentally friendly, and often contain ingredients harmful to human body, which are also considered as factors affecting premature aging. So, from the point of view of human health, choose stainless steel bowl will be more reliable.

Defects of stainless-steel mixing bowls

1, stainless steel mixing bowls cannot be stored for a long time in salt, vinegar, etc., because the stainless steel will have a chemical reaction with these electrolytes after a long time, toxic substances will be dissolved out of the human body health.

2, stainless steel mixing bowls set cannot be enough to use soda, bleach and other chemicals for washing, will also have chemical reactions with stainless steel to affect the health of the human body.

Fortunately, the stainless-steel bowl industry has formed its own food grade material standards, such as FDA, LFDB food grade material certification, and let us buy the stainless-steel bowls can be trusted to be used.


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