How to listen to music with buddies or loved ones

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Listening to music collectively is one of the best social activities. Apps indexed below, gonna help you to listen to music with friends on the identical time, even if you aren't together.

After all the research we have done, finally we came with the best Apps listed below:

 1. Vertigo

Vertigo let you listen  to song with friends, and even Vertigo helps you to begin your personal public channe: like a radio station, so that strangers from all over the world can listen to.


Vertigo requires a music  streaming subscription. After downloading the app and syncing with Spotify or Apple Music, you can start a musical party to stream your beloved tracks to friends  using the app at the same time.


Vertigo IOS      Vertigo Android

2. Wefm


Another app that’s only for iOS users, we:fm lets you listen to track on the same time as other friends using the app. It works with Spotify Premium .

Once you join your music streaming account, you can then connect with facebook and locate other friends by using the we:fm. Now you could broadcast music for friends to tune in and chat about the songs you’re listening to together.



 3. Quorus 

Quorus helps you to enjoy  music with your friends. You can launch a live session to stream the song you’re being listening to, then invite friends to join in and listen with you.

You can Choose what number of humans are allowed to contribute to feature songs to your session, letting your friends add their own taste to the playlist. You can even password-protect your stream or make it private to get extra control over who can join in.

You can use Quorus with a free Spotify account, but it works pleasant with a Spotify Premium subscription.


Quorus IOS Quorus Android

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