New World The Legendary Weapon Quest Guide

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The Legendary weapon quests are unlocked upon reaching Level 60 and Level 20 Mastery for the concerned weapon

In New World, you'll acquire access to some really powerful weapons, known as Legendary Weapons. There are lots of different currently legendary weapons in New World. While you can obtain them via various means, the only guaranteed way of getting your hands on one is by completing the legendary quest associated with it. Our guide should help you out.

These legendary weapons from quests are:

Straight Sword: Twilight's Fall
Tower Shield: Rook's Defense
Round Shield: Boundless Ward
Rapier: Frozen Lament
Hatchet: Azure Ravager
Spear: Heavensplitter
Great Axe: Reformation
War Hammer: Rampant Conviction
Bow: Torrent
Musket: Clamorous Vox
Fire Staff: Prime Resolve
Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy
Ice Gauntlet: Rimelash

Suppose you're wondering how to start the legendary weapon quests in New World. In that case, you need to be level 60, have level 20 mastery for a weapon type, and complete several quests offered by Eintou Madaki before they will offer the legendary weapon quests.

This starts with Madaki's Stratagem, and once you've found the molds for the weapons, you'll then need to collect the materials required to craft one of them. You can expect this part to take a while as there are seven parts to collect, many of which are found near formidable enemies. Once you've found everything you need, return to Eintou Madaki to turn in the quest and receive your weapon.

It's also not just a simple task; expect to spend a few hours gathering all the materials. After you've gathered them all, you turn in the quest and obtain your "legendary" weapon!

Legendary weapons have a power level of 580, but they're not the absolute best weapons you can get in New World. However, they are the next best thing after the power level 600 weapons you can get from boss drops and crafting or use new world coins to buy at Trading Post.

Was this guide helpful? We'll have more details on Legendary Weapons shortly. Until then, good luck out there in Aeternum!