I have lots of friends online who play with me

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Durant has helped to Nba 2k22 Mt promote the videogame when he was asked this question. It is always a headline-grabbing answers: Which active NBA players would Durant choose to be his primary line-up? "I always find myself in trouble when I get asked this kind of question because I'm bound not remember somebody," Durant said in an interview on Twitter by @boardroom. "There's so many outstanding players."

Durant always chose his teammates. K.D. is in Brooklyn's championship window, and the team is in the middle. K.D. is intelligent enough to not take any action to hinder their already-established chemistry. So it's not surprising to see him select James Harden and Kyrie Irving, who regardless of Durant's preference, are definitely worthy picks with 16 All-Star Game selections between the two of them.

Then things got interesting. Durant declared, "Off the top," He added, adding "LeBron, James, myself," Durant continued. His dream team includes the entire Nets and Lakers. It's difficult to disagree with Durant's choices, although his biggest denial was Steph Curry as his former Warriors teammate with whom Durant won back-to-back championships in 2017 and 2018. Durant declared that he'd never not forget anyone.

Keep an eye on the Heavy on Nets's Facebook Page to get the latest breaking news, gossip and content out of Brooklyn! Who Do Durant Play With in 2K? Durant is an 11-time All-Star and last year averaged 26.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 5.6 assists. Durant is also a fervent NBA 2K player. The question is what is Durant's most effective use of the game when Durant isn't playing?

Durant smiled and added, "I play with Kyrie and James frequently." "I play with -- I have lots of friends online who play with me in the league. It's also fun play online because everyone knows me due to having an NBA logo over my head. Therefore, I play the most enjoyable games. And, as I said, I meet new people as well."

Candace Parker is the nba 2k22 mt coins first woman to be the cover of an NBA 2K. Candace Parker, a basketball player, made a tweet announcing that she would appear on one of the covers of NBA 2K22. The Chicago Sky player will be the first woman to appear on an event in this sport. Parker was 35 in 2018, is an WNBA legend.

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