Which athlete should be on the cover of NBA 2K22?

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There are several possible choices for the NBA 2K22 cover; let's peel them.

Being the star athlete on the cover of NBA 2K is an honor few players can boast of. If you forget about the possibility of being the victim of a curse, players are often very excited to be the next cover figure. There are several possible choices for the NBA 2K22 cover; let's peel them.


Kevin Durant

Previously appearing on two NBA 2K covers in the past, Durant unfortunately has not played this season due to injury, which puts him in a less favorable position to receive the honor again. However, the fact that he left the Golden State Warriors to join the Nets works in his favor. As he dons his new uniform, 2K MT may decide to capitalize on fan excitement.

Realistically, if 2K wants to use Durant as a cover player for the next game, it would be better from a marketing standpoint to add the reason for the team change. Indeed, many fans are eager to see Durant and his new teammate Kyrie Irving together on the pitch. Having both figures on the cover would generate a lot of excitement.


Zion Williamson

Williamson was the first pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, an honor that has earned him all of the world's attention. Unfortunately, Williamson missed much of the season with injury. With this little time on the pitch, it becomes difficult to claim he belongs on the blanket. The NBA playoffs begin in April, which means Williamson will have been on the court for just three months.

Since Williamson is the most talked about rookie of 2019, he would be the most logical pick among NBA Rookies of the Year. It might also be a good decision, considering that the 2020-21 season will be his first full career season. As with Durant, 2K could capitalize on fans' excitement over this player.


Kobe and Gigi Bryant

Following the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, many fans are asking to see him on at least one of the physical versions of NBA 2K21 MT for sale. It would make sense to put him on the cover of the Legends Edition, since he's considered one of the greatest (haha!) Legend in the NBA. Bryant is also in the running to join the NBA Hall of Fame this year, alongside Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. While 2K would have good reason to include Garnett and Duncan as well, it is because of his passing that fans believe Bryant deserves his dedicated coverage. In the game, around the neighborhood, fans could be seen paying homage to Bryant after the accident.

Although Bryant was on the cover of NBA 2K17 when he retired, fans want an NBA tribute that lives up to fame. Several cover mockups have already been made by fans.

There's even a petition going around to make Bryant the NBA 2K20 cover athlete, but he's not the person you'd expect. Indeed, some are calling for Gigi Bryant to have the honor of being the first female athlete on a cover. Gigi is just starting her basketball career, and her father has even said she has more potential than him at her age. Additionally, many WNBA players have spoken about Gigi's talent and her future in the League.

Kobe Bryant was a regular advocate for women’s sport, and it would be interesting to have Gigi on the cover, with the inclusion of the WNBA in NBA 2K20. A win-win idea in this situation would be to simply provide coverage that includes the father and daughter.