Knowing that the older you get, the more stylish you get, this elderly couple has gone viral online

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Fashion has nothing to do with age, and whether a person is beautiful or not has nothing to do with age. Especially when we reach the age of 60 or 70, or even 70 or 80, it is the mental outlook and mentality that you have that is the key.


Fashion has nothing to do with age, and whether a person is beautiful or not has nothing to do with age. Especially when we reach the age of 60 or 70, or even 70 or 80, it is the mental outlook and mentality that you have that is the key.

With the development of fashion, many elderly people are becoming more and more young in mind, and they are no less fashionable than the young people in dressing up. Even many fashionable elderly people, and even the young people, are willing to take the lead. For example, the elderly couple Gunther Krabbenhoft and Britt Kanja, whose combined age is nearly 150 years old, are willing to take the lead. But when it comes to fashion, they don't give up easily. To tell you the truth, the older the dressing more fashionable! This elderly couple has taken the Internet by storm. They are more likely to wear clothes over 70 than younger people. Let's take a look.

First, dress stylish and colorful, but will not give a person abrupt feeling

It's not difficult for older people to dress to the nous as they get older. The key is to learn how to balance fashion and elegance.

If the pursuit of conspicuous clothing blindly, then the wearer's own requirements are very high, and not everyone can easily control, if always choose black, white and gray foundation, then it is easy to give people a sense of old age.

The aging duo, on the other hand, are able to show off their elegance without overexerting themselves or seeming obtrusive in their pursuit of a modern look.

Take Gunther Krabbenhoft, the grandfather, for example. He usually wears a suit and trousers, or a suit vest and shirt and trousers.

Take a pair of earth color shoes out of the street, typical elegant gentleman dress, both show spirit, and very handsome.

Britt Kanja, on the other hand, looks classy and ladylike, sometimes using a dress set to show off her elegance, and sometimes opting for a figured-print dress to show off her slim figure.

Of course, it's natural for women to love their beauty, and even at age 70, Britt Kanja doesn't set any limits on what she can wear. She can wear anything but ladylike dresses.

Two, the use of bold and bright colors, but not grandiose

For older people, a bold use of color can help create a strong personal identity in your clothes.

Fashion granny Britt Kanja is a true master of color matching, and she usually wears a variety of bright colors, not just beige, apricot or white.

Such as bright yellow, salmon red, avocado green, orange, or red.

These colors may be difficult to pull off, but Britt Kanja's clever combination of colors doesn't give you any sense of conflict. Instead, it creates a strong visual impact and makes your eyes shine.

For example, when using color, Britt Kanja usually keeps her whole body to one or two colors, and uses the same color accessories to make the color match, which is more coordinated and elegant.

Three, the couple's outfit echoes each other, and each has its own characteristics

When we think of matching outfits, we might first think of identical outfits, but there's more to matching outfits than that.

It's a higher-order pairing that matches each other in detail while retaining a distinct identity.

Taking the elderly couple as an example, Krabbenhoft and Britt Kanja in their off-street look not only match their style, but also dress according to their own preferences.

Krabbenhoft was a chef in his youth, but his passion for fashion has turned him into an expert match maker in retirement, dressing as a gentleman without losing his quirkiness.

Britt Kanja used to be a professional dancer. Even though she is no longer young, her figure and style are still online. She also chooses dresses that show off her figure.

Four, dressed more delicate than young people

For the elderly, the most important thing in dressing is the details and accessories.

Detail treatment and accessories are not only the key to deciding the delicate feeling of dressing, but also highlight the elegant and noble temperament of the elderly. If you dress too perfunctorily, how can you create a sense of haute couture? Hats, necklaces, earrings, belts or scarves are all accessories that Britt Kanja often uses, and she also ADAPTS them to her outfit to make them look sophisticated and modern.

The bow tie, handkerchief, waist chain, belt, top hat or umbrella are Krabbenhoft used to enhance the integrity of the charm, in addition to adding a sense of refinement, but also to create a full of gentleman.

Above is this time for you to share the elderly couple wear, from the above can also be seen, whether it is elderly men or women, as long as love fashion, know how to match, then naturally can live out their own wonderful, do you think?Read more at: